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Sending question anwser via e-mail
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In my e-learning course I have made excercise with text Fill-in-Blank Question.

Course's Participant have to describe there his impressinss about course topic.

I have got an idea, that after clicking submit button, the answer will be send via email to tutor.

1. Have can I make it working? I thing that it's possible with actions and java script. Can you give me some example how and what is the name of variable including qeustion answer?
2. When I put in queston seetings very long lenght (400 chars) the field stays very narrow. Is very difficult to write 400 chars If I can see only 10 chars. Is it possible to make the field wider and including more then one line?
Hi, Koszu!
1. $OBJ_ID.questionValue (OBJ_ID - real question object id). But it is not intended to use in plain JavaScript. Therefore it is not easy to call e-mail program from CourseLab.
2. You can use Textarea object instead of Question - in this case there will be much more place for text. Value can be used via variable (that you define in Textarea properties) or through object property ($OBJ_ID.value).
Hi Koszu,

Did you get send the answer via e-mail?
Hi Koszu, Most of the time when you leave feedback on web sites it is not done on your PC (the client) but by the server using PHP sendmail scripts.
Quoting from O'Reilly's Javascript
"A script cannot submit a form (using the submit() method of the Form object, for instance) to a mailto: or news: URL without the Universalsendmail privilege or the user's explicit approval through a confirmation dialog. Such a form submission would contain the user's email address, which should not be made public without the user's permission."
It is one of those things that sounds as if it should be simple to do but in practice it is not and is really very complicated!!

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