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Publishing course as scorm/aicc
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Hi All.
After publishing a course using the AICC option and importing into Dokeos LMS the course runs ok but when the questions section is completed the score information is not picked up by the LMS leaving the course status incomplete.
Any one help?

Ken W
Hi, Ken!
Please make sure that all test questions put its scores to "total" objective - only this objective's scores and statuses are treated as module's by default.
Also make sure that you have created rule for "completed" status for this objective (menu Module - Runtime settings - Rules tab). For example, you may set completion status to Completed when all module slides are visited. Or smth else depending on content.
I have the same problem. The final score is not showing in the LMS and the rules have been created as you suggested.
Hi Eve,
Does your LMS work with the test download? If it does then it will probably be a very small difference somewhere, maybe as insignificant as a capitalised variable.
Check your main variables against the test. Check your scoring regime, is it normalised or the raw score? Does your LMS support what you are sending it? Even is the LMS set up to expect it!
It is probably going to be one of this kind of problem, very simple once you actually find out what it is!!
[:D] Hi Slav,
Thanks for the info have just worked it out from your test lms download.
One day I will graduate from being a novice!!!
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