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Resetting Objectives
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I have an Objective called Correct. This is set to 1 or 0 for each question I do in a quiz. However after a frame is completed I want to refresh this Objective back to 0 and the completion status to unknown.
I am using the beforedisplay action for the slide, but it seem to be ignoring the actions I set.

I am using SET_SCORE to set it to 0 and SET_SUCCESS to set it back to UNKNOWN.

I am then using the Test result object to display the value of 'Correct' and it is not restting abck to 0. Any thoughts as to what I am missing here ?
Hi Bob,

Have you figured out how to get the questions set up and also display feedback with scores?
I still cannot figure this one, there seems no way to reset an objective. Can anyone offert any suggestions ?
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