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Flash security configuration in COurseLab not in user side
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Dear all,
I publish my course to CD/HDD and everytime users open this course always come out with security warning especially only for agent.

I saw in adobe ebsite, we can do the setup in our side so not bother users to do many configuration in users side, is really disturb them

Please help to give some suggestion how to do that in COurseLab... ??

Beow is the link from adobe flash

tks a lot
Hi, Hendy!
If there exists the possibility to change client's security settings on application side, then it is the hole in security [:)]
That's why there's no way to override that.
But if you can start your courses from web-server (instead of HD/CD), then it can be done without changing settings: security settings of Flash Player is less strict for Internet/Intranet, than for local content.
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