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Inserting Free Text
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I would like to design a module to test my students' composition writing ability. I know that I can insert a "Text area" through FORM > TEXT AREA. How can I make it so that when my students pass onto the next slide, students' composition will be saved and I will be able to assess these compositions later on? Thank you in advance.
Hi, Hakan!
Unfortunately, it cannot be made easy with current CourseLab's set of objects. Though there is possibility to send large texts to LMS using SCORM cmi.interactions array (supposed that LMS not only stores this array, but can parse it and build reports on its base - in fact, quite a few LMS can parse it), but there is no ready-to-use CourseLab object, that can do that. Besides, this is quite complex task to build custom JavaScript functions for this task. Therefore the answer is splitted in two: a) can it be made - yes, b) does it require a lot of custom programming - yes.
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