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of folders and module orders :)
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'ello Slav,
quite similar to an earlier posted question by Ying, but this time involving folders and modules with no folders. Modules and folders can be dragged but is there a way to bring up a folder ahead of a single module (a module that is not part of a folder)? It seems that individual modules always are on top of folders. I have a course where an individual module should come only after a couple of folders. Any workaround? ...
Unfortunately, there is no workarounds here [:(]
oh well...
thanks for the response. here's what i did which might be useful to others: modified the course so "orphaned" modules can be "regrouped" to fit in a folder. that way folders could be re-arranged :)
oh sorry 'bout the posting there.
author should be JR
'ello Slav should be my greeting [:D][:p][:D]
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