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start at last position on reopen of browser outside an LMS
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is there an easy way to restart a module at last visited position when a browser is reopened, with all info like visited slides preserved ? The course is not running inside an LMS.

Thanks in advance,
Hi, Juergen!
Unfortunately, not. The reason is browser's security settings, that do not allow to save anything to disk from browser automatically (even calling Windows File System Object is prohibited by default). Workarounds are too complex to use it...

thanks for your quick response. I was thinking about writing status information to cookies and restoring it.
Not sure though on what exactly to store/restore for example to restore the status of progress bar.

Hi, Juergen!
In fact, there's no special place where navigation objects stores data. The module has common storage structure which every object can read. Therefore you will need to save all this data and write some custom JavaScript function to deal with runtime. Not so easy, anyway...
Hello Slav,

not sure that the scripts I created are the best solution (I read cookie information with javascript then use another step to assign values to internal variables) but initial testing looks promising.
The only unsolved matter currently is the progress bar where I have to find a way to have the earlier visited slides be displayed as visited.
Not a showstopper though. I currently simply have the same color for visisted and unvisited so you only see your current position in the course.

Hi, Juergen!
In fact, if you are familiar with JavaScript/XML methods, you can try to save/set some module internal parameters from your script. I don't think that this topic fits this forum (it is too tech and too large). Please let me know (support@courselab.com) if you wants to try.
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