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Communication between Flash movies and LMS through Scorm module
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Hi everybody!

I'm trying to find a way to communicate a flash movie using Action Script with an LMS through the CourseLab module in which the movie is embbeded. I would like to change objectives score from flash too, Is it possible? Can anybody help me?

The only sensible way of saving data with flash is to use "sharedobject"
this saves a flash cookie to the person harddrive with all info regarding the persons details........
In fact, LMS SCORM API is available for any activity in module window, but you are at risk to interfere with module's own data. Of course, this activity must have own API Wrapper in this case.
Changing some module parameters from Flash could be possible, but it is not piece of cake. You will need to operate with CourseLab runtime on the JavaScript level - the risk of errors is very high in this case. That's why we do not recommend doing so.
Hi again!

Thanks for the information. I'm a very experimented flash developer and i'm very familiarized with actionscript/javascript interaction and communication. We're developing here in the University of Cordoba a lot of flash activities for our SCORM modules, and we'd like need to get the maximun interaction between them. Is there any reference about your Javascript API? It would be very useful for my work. Thank you.
Unfortunately, there's no reference to CourseLab runtime API at this time. In fact, we have no plans to publish it at least before version 3.0 release, because a lot of things may (and will) change in JavaScript part. Though, the function and variable names in current runtime files are quite self-explaining.
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