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Another video problem
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I've created a course with 2 slides.
In the first there is a wmv video and an image.
I need that the CourseLab moves automatically to the next slide only when the video is over.
If I set a duration in the timeline, and if a user stops the video playback, Courselab moves automatically to the next slide, even if the video is in pause!

Could someone help me?

Hi, Sandro!
I replied to you from support@courselab.com, but I think it may be helpful to other people, so I post the part of the answer here:

If you are using CourseLab 2.3 - please look at events and properties of Video object (explanation is available in CourseLab Help and PDF Manual). Video object events rise only when the player itself (or the movie played) changes its state, therefore they depends on movie timing, instead of slide timing. In your case the usage of these parameters will look like this (general idea at least):

- First you should import all (or needed to import) PPT slides in CourseLab module(s), i.e. create the base course.
- Second, you should record your videoclips and place it in Video object on each (or some) slide
- Third, you will need to use Video object timing events (i.e. Playing Tick - which rises every second while the movie IS playing and End Of Media - rises when the clip ends) and object's property currentPosition (which returns current clip position in seconds) to sync slide content displaying with movie with actions like that (on 10 sec, for example):

on Playing Tick event:
_ DISPLAY(some object)


on End Of Media event:
GOTO(some slide)

This operation should be made for each slide, where you need to sync smth.

The other way (if you prefer to use long "one piece" video file):
- First step is the same
- Second - you will need to check if imported slides have more than one master-slide. If more - you will need to re-link all the slides to one master-slide (perhaps also you will need to copy some pictures from masters to corresponding slides). In the end there should stay only one master-slide, where you will place Video object with movie.
- Third, using the same events and properties you can sync slide transitions with movie ticks. I.e.:

on Playing Tick event:
_ GOTO(some slide)


on End Of Media event:
GOTO(some slide)

This is just general idea, perhaps there could be another solutions, depending on the task.
Hello. I am trying to sync video in my module as mentioned in my previous post on 24.11.2007. However, I get an error when I use the example code you have in your example. I am VERy new to this product so I know it is a matter of me not understanding the syntax, and not a technical problem with Courselab. Can you please assist:

For this scenerio I have added my video to a standard slide which starts when the module starts. I want an text box to appear (and remain for the duration of the video and after to ends) at 10 seconds into the video. I tried to mimic your code above using the Action Interface and feel that my code is wrong at the Playing Tick\IF level. I have selected te video object and selected the Playing Tick event. ITHen have this in the IF statment which is as close as I can get te action interface to what you have typed.


WHat can I do to get the code to work?[:confused:]

Ah ok I found the javascript option for Play Tick and used the ID displayed in the error and I no longer get the error and the video runs. However the object I want to display isn't showing up at all.

_ DISPLAY(balloon)

HOw can I get an object to display on time?
I have a similar question. I have a video object placed on the master slide which starts as soon as the module starts. I have one standard slide where all my text, images, etc appears, disappears. Each objec ton the standard slide I have manually timed to appear at certain times to sync with the video. What I'd like to have happen (if possible) is as I move the slider of my video, all objects appear\dissapear in sync with the video slider. I hope I'm making sense. As said above this scenerio is a little different as my video is on themaster slide and all other objects are on one standard slide.
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