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How to change module orders
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I have a course that has 6 modules. I want to move the last one to the beginning. I tried dragging it from the module list, but it doesn't work.[:confused:]
Hi, Ying!
In fact, it is explained in Help and Manual [:)]. Drag the module icon and drop it on the course icon in Course Panel and this module will be moved <b>to the end</b> of the module list. Perhaps it's quite unusual, but that's how it is...
I ve made how you said and it worked but the name of the modules didnt change, do you now why?
As Cousreslab supports SCORM 2004 it also supports a rathe cool function called SEQUENCING.
The way you have laid out your SCO and the path taken through it doen't have to be linear, this was a SCORM 1.2 constraint. You can infact have many sub organisations of the same SCO within the IMS manifest.
The sequencing can also vary on a rule based or driven basis.
Try the TASK CONTROLLER, for reference of how the SCORM 2004 'rules. for this work look here http://www.xerceo.com/snguide/
I've just put a How to make a CD, DVD or folder with many modules in it, the trick is changing the start up file (autorun.html) so it can open all of the modules.
This is useful where you don't want to fuse the seperate modules together and keep smaller bite size pieces.
Works perfect! Thanks, Slav!

I know there should be a simple way to do it![;)]
Hi Ying,

in my experience, simply :
1) Close CourseLab
2) Rename folders 1-2-3-etc inside your folder root in desired order
3) Rename in the same way the 1.xml, 2.xml and so on inside 1-2-3-etc folder
4) Reopen course

For me worked well, I don't know if there is a simplest way ...

Have a nice day
It seems that you have to modify the .wcl file as well...

Back up the whole course folder before doing so[;)]
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