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I've been looking for a way of sending the course results by email. This is a web-based course deployment. Future LMS integration will make this redundant but it may take a while to get there...
Found and successfully embedded the HTML feedback form from The variable substitution works fine and I get the results in my mailbox.
I thought I would check with my ISP if a similar feature is available on the server where I publish the course and yes, they offer aspmail as part of my subscription. My attempts to embed the asp code are not taking me anywhere though.
Is there a solution for using that asp code?

Hi, Leod!
Not sure, but maybe using javascript (i.e. JAVASCRIPT action) to open new window that will call your ASP and transferring feedback info to this window via URL-string will work?
The other way is to create your own Javascript functions in module.js file (in fact, it is intended for user's Javascript function), that will do the same window-opening job. In this case parameters can be transferred to the new window using "parent" functions call.
Anyway, new child window with your aspmail (or other ASP) URL seems to be solution. Though client-side Javascript programming will be quite complex.
Just suggestions - never tried such things.
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