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possible image bug
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I have a course with images inserted into text areas.

When i went to publish it (to CD) these images were not copied into the images file of the published version.

The runtime XML file referenced them okay - so all H had to do was manually copy them into the images folder - and it then worked fine.

thought you should know.

Thank you, Richard!
We noticed this feature too, but only in richtext with images that is copied from MS Word or similar richtext editor. The issue is listed and will be fixed soon. But for images that are directly inserted in text through CourseLab editor (i.e. by pressing the button in CourseLab rich-text editor) it seems to be working. If you got this error with direct insertion - please let us know.
Hi Slav,

it was a couple of jpegs - both inserted as image files using the insert button in the editor. Don't know whether it makes any difference, but they were inserted into a table.

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