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Course opens in full browser window in LMS
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Good day,

When I put together a course and load it into my LMS (Plateau) the course works, but it launches in a full browser window, including all the chrome (buttons, address bar etc...) When I was using the prior version of courselab everything worked fine. With this version this is happening. Any suggestions?[:confused:]
Hi, Mike!
In fact, CourseLab module does not manage window parameters at all (it has not enough privileges for that). This is the window opener (i.e. parent window, LMS in your case), which can define the look of child window. Please look in the LMS course card - perhaps some changes occured here?
Thanks Slav. Will look into it on the LMS end.

You guys have a great product!!!
A few little bugs, but all in all, great![:D]
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