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SCORM 2004 bookmarking
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Hi, I'm working on a course run in Moodle 1.8

When I run and click through a few slides, then exit, I can see cmi.location data in the LMS. However if I open the course again - I go back to the beginning rather than last slide. Should this happen?

Is visited slide information supposed to be stored/retrieved in LMS?

Also - can runtime variables be stored in LMS? I have a user identifier variable that I want to store and retrieve for future logins.

Hi, Richard!
1. Yes, cmi.location should be stored and retrieved to/from LMS. But there are some issues when cmi.location will be ignored by module: it may depend on module statuses (for example, if the received from LMS completion_status is "not attempted", then location will be ignored), or if the cmi.suspend_data is corrupt. If you can give us guest access to this module, then we will tell the reason.
2. Unfortunately, in current version run-time variables are not saved...
Hi Slav,

LMS report has cmi.completion_status as incomplete.

cmi.suspend_data looks like this:
<SCO><visits>09</visits><objects/><objectives><o id="total" desc="This is automatically created module objective." module="yes" cs="i" ss="u" max="100" min="0" raw="0" scaled="0"/></objectives><interactions/></SCO>

The module is only installed on local machine - but I can send you the SCORM zip file.

2. Thats a pity about the variables, I would say its a major weakness. Is it something you could add for the next release? I know that SCORM allows for content to store and retrieve data from LMS.

In terms of ease of building I think its a fantastic product - very intuitive, less complicated than Lectora, a strong action set and great templates/object set.

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