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Navigation/Sequencing in SCORM 2004
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I am just discovering CourseLab in Moodle forum and I am very impressed by the documentation and the software itself.

I want to generate and link many single choice questions: each choice ( good answer or each distractor ) must open the appropriate next question depending of the student choice.

ie each choice of a 5 choices question must be linked to 5 differents questions.

I have spotted the questionValue parameter wich probably hold the student's choice.

To allow that kind of navigation what is the best way to arrange questions? One by test, in a frame or in a slide or another way?


Hi, Bernard!
Perhaps the best structure for this task is to place single question object (not test object) on single slide. Then it can be quite easy to organize slide transitions depending on learner's result (or choice). You are right: $OBJ_ID.questionValue property holds current (or final) question state, that you can use for comparing with IF/ELSE actions.
Also be aware that some LMS (especially with SCORM 1.2) have quite limited fields length to store the data. Therefore it is not recommended to include more than 30-40 questions in one CourseLab module to avoid LMS field overload, because each question uses these fields to store data.
Hi Slav,
I just test it and it works fine. Now I have to practice with "if then else" syntax.

Many thanks.

Salutations from Quйbec,


p.s. If I have ( and I am sure I will have [:rolleyes:] ) others questions do you prefer that I ask them Here or in Moodle forums ?
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