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Sequential Order / Contents Issues
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Created a few page course, checked off the "allow to view slides in sequential order only" option.

However when the course runs (testing it as CD output right now, eventually will be SCORM 1.2). The Module Contents page shows the 5th slide can be jumped to (all other it blocks like it should).

I also get a small orange checkmark to the left of the listing for slide 4 - doesn't seem to do / allow anything...but wondering if that might help narrow down the issue.
Hi, Lou!
Usually, checkmark near the slide name means that this slide is already visited. That's why you can jump to slide 5 - it is next to slide 4 that is marked as visited.
The question is why slide 4 is marked from the start... The only suggestion that I can do without watching the sample is that some slide IDs are the same (though they should not be). If not, then please email us this sample (support@courselab.com) if it is not confidential, of course.
Make any difference if it's on a PC running Vista?

It seems like whenever I create a new course it wants to start at slide 4. Things really go crazy when I move a slide, add / delete slides etc..

I'm gonna try a new install first...then see if my other PC with XP does the same thing. I'll keep you posted.[:confused:]
Same exact results when running on another machine with XP. The courses always want to start off using at SLIDE_5....?

My best guess is that when adding pages it is assigning slide numbers numerically in the order of creation (not in the structure visible in the slide sequence window).

Example: Build a 10 page course (it starts off at SLIDE_5 and will end at SLIDE_15). Then insert a page somewhere in the middle of the course ...it assigns SLIDE_16 to it? When running the course without the strict navigation is fine in the "Contents Window". If you use the strict navigation option - then the problem shows up, because the slide numbers are off.

Same type of problem happens when you move the slides around. If you move the second slide (SLIDE_6) to the end of the course (visually in the slide window) when you run the course (w/ strict navigation) although the "Contents Window" matches the layout you wanted - in the code it still thinks that last page is SLIDE_6 making it available to the user.

[:p]FOUND A FIX: Once you are done building a module (moving, adding and deleting slides etc...) you can do the following to get the program to re-assign numbering so that strict navigation and sequential viewing works.

1. Create a new module (name it anything you want for now).
2. Open the existing module with the slides visually in order how you want them.
3. Copy all of the slides (Hold Shift and click on the 1st and last pages - all pages should be highlighted).
4. Open the new module (the one created in step 1.)
5. Past the copied slides right after the first one (this is blank & is automatically created in step 1).
6. Delete the first (blank) page.
7. Delete the old module.
8. Rename the new module to whatever you want (i.e. the original module name since now that name is available again).

The system automatically assigns new numbers to copied slides (just like you built them in order from top to bottom)Since the order is now numerically in order strict navigation and the sequential viewing work.
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