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Can a test question be skipped? I cannot find where to do this. Did I miss a checkbox somewhere ?
Another thing about skipping a question. It seems that when a variant is checked, the "skip question" button is no longer available and is replaced by the "submit answer" button. Does that means if I checked any answer, even accidentally, I cannot skip that question any more?

About submission. Is there anyway that I can go back and forth during a test changing my answers before finally submit all my answers?
Also can I submit my answers in the middle of a test without going through all the questions?
Yes, it is default behavior: if the learner did anything in the question (i.e. click the checkmark, move the item or select the input field), it is presumed that he/she is started to answer, therefore skipping is immediately disabled for this question.

Test with "all answers submit" is in fact another kind of test object - and it does not exist as for now. Perhaps we will implement it in newer versions, though.

If you did not restrict module navigation during the test, then you can leave the test at any step, then turn back to the first unanswered question as many times, as you need it. Data is stored in objectives anyway.
I appreciate very much your answer. I still feel that if skipping is allowed, then it should be allowed ANYTIME before submission and should not be disabled simply because the learner did something . It is possible that he accidentally click on the checkmark or the input field. Or he just tried and then decide to give it more thought and come back later.

I will for sure add "test with all answers submit" in my wishlist[:cool:] Thanks again for such a great product!
Oh, I found it 2 minutes after I posted this. It's on one of the tabs of individual question. I shouldn't be so lazy, but is there a way to do it all at once instead of check each question? I have 20 questions in my test. [;)]
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