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Moodle & CourseLab with IE 6
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Hi Slav,

I put a very simple SCORM package on Moodle, defining completion rule as "visit all slides of module".

Memory of last visited slide on re-opening and tracking of completion status (orange, green check), works perfectly with IE 7 (even with Firefox), but not at all with IE 6.

Did you ever noticed this kind of issue ?

Many thanks for your support.
Have a nice day

I've also tested your "LMS Test Package" in Moodle (1.8.2 and 1.8.1), and got the same problems with IE 6.0 :
- no resume on last visited slide
- no scoring update
- no completion status update (status is always "not attempted")

Many thanks in advance for your support.
Have a nice day
Hi, Andrea!
In fact, we've tested IE6 with Moodle and there were no problems. Looking at your message, it seems that there's no SCORM activities at all. Perhaps the SCORM API is not found (though we use quite standard approach in finding API). Perhaps the difference in IE6 and IE7 is in security settings? Please try to play with browser's security settings for zone, where Moodle LMS is located. The other option is to give us guest login to your LMS to check the issue from here with debugger (support@courselab.com).
Hi Slav,

I sent you emails last week with guest login to my LMS, and other test results (did you received mails ?).

At the moment I haven't found any solution for this issue: the only way (not so popular) seems to put IE 7 as minimum requirement.

But of course I'd like to understand why on certain IE6.0 it works and in other doesn't.

I hope you can advise on where to check for understanding this different behavior.

Many thanks
Have a nice day
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