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Test results in CD form
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I am having some trouble with our LMS. So I am planning to use a CD form of the course first.

My question is that if the course is published in a CD format, will the detailed test results (right/wrong answers,total score)be available? Is there anyway that the test results can be stored in a file or something? Is there anyway a student login page (a name field will be enough)can be added so that students' test scores can be retrieved?

Help! Thanks.

I subscribe to the need for a way to export results from a CD course/quiz. Implementing an LMS looks easy at first but very few organizations may be happy with the default features and configuration. Customization the LMS is the real challenge. So I'm trying to deploy a CD/web based version as an interim solution until I figure the details on the LMS side.

At this point I can collect user data in some forms in the first slide and finish the course with a slide presenting the name, department, etc and the objective results. The variable substitution {{#variable}} works fine an also the new PRINT action.
I’d very much like to be able to add something like the computer name, date and time of the test into the final report. Suggestions / solutions?

Submitting the results to the concerned department as print-outs is OK but it would be much better if I could have a pdf of the last slide sent to a predefined e-mail address, WITHOUT user intervention, other than clicking on a "Submit" button. Alternatively a way of uploading the result in some shape to an ftp site would also work

I'm not a programmer so I have no clue how complicated would be to add these features (pdf converter, SMTP email, FTP upload), but I'm sure a large number of customers at the beginning of the LMS implementation process or not even considering an LMSfor now would find these as great and useful features for an already great product

Hi Leo,

I'm very interested in the way that you said about having students input their names on the first slide and showing test scores on the last slide. Can those scores to be stored after each student complete the test? Do you know where those test scores with student name info are stored if no LMS is used and the course is deployed in a CD format? Thanks!!!
Here is how I use the hybride cd/lan approach. On the last slide I set a link to an external file such as Quiz.html located in the local folder.

This file includes a "form" that looks like a test, including all student data, department, etc. The form action is set to "POST" to a form handler such as cgimail, formmail, or some such located on a webhost. This handler send the results to a designated email address and presents a "success" page to the student. This may be a list of their submitted answers or some other indication the test was submitted.

At this time I do not have a way to both automatically score the test and email the data -- but I am working on it :)

This works well for me since I have the hard copy of the test answers and student ID
Hi, Ying and LeoD!
Unfortunately, there arise the problem with browser's security (which becomes stricter and stricter day by day). If the course is played with browser, then we cannot use file system and some other things that can be usable.
Hi Ying

I'm evaluating CMB AutoDoc from "www.iddata.nl"
print to e-mail solution
Also looked at "Print2Email with PDF" from "www.blackice.com"
AutoDoc seems particularly interesting as you can pass all kind of info to the "printer ... e-mail" just by color coding the info in your printout page.

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