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More firefox issues
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I also had a problem with a drag and drop in firefox - however I found the solution was to ensure that all draggable objects were brought to the front of the slide - they then worked although the drag was not as good as in IE.
Richard, it's the fact - when it comes to interactivity of all sorts IE is still the best browser. In fact, CourseLab is built on IE base and we have implemented a lot of walkarounds especially for other browsers. Some of walkarounds are not so good as we want them to be...
If Courselabs been built around the rather non-standard rendering engine used by IE then it isn't a surprise there are small 'faults' in the modules when the render engine is different.
Personally I wish Microsoft would adhere to standards rather than giving them lip service only. I can build a precision WC3 standards compliant based CSS web page THEN I have to go and bodge it so it renders correctly on Explorer.
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