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Firefox errors
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I've been developing a course using one of the 'minimal' templates in v2.3

When publish to CD then running via Firefox, I have noticed a couple of errors.

First the previous/next/reload navigation buttons - the'hotspot' areas for these buttons is very small and only at the edge of the actual image area.

There is a similar effect in the drop down slide list, but the contents and help buttons are unaffected.

Also, when I navigate to a test, the first question of which has an image - the question is half off the right of the screen. If I move away and then go back to the test - so that I get the message about going to the first unanswered question - it displays fine.

Neither of these effects are seen in IE7.

Hi, Richard!
First problem: in fact, it is because of different paragraph (P tag) rendering in FF. Some text objects on the slide may become bigger, than in IE (it depends on used styles) and spans over the buttons and dropdown. Please look at the slides and you will see these text boxes. Making them a bit wider usually helps.
Second issue needs investigation. Simple walkaround is to shift the question with image to the second place, while we have no better solution.
First problem is sorted - a text box overlapped the navigation buttons - not a problem in IE. By reducing the text box I got rid of the problem.

Second problem - Your suggested simple fix has brought up another problem. My test is 5 questions, 3 have images. If I put two questions with images next to each other - when I navigate to the second question - the image for the first question stays in place, and the second image appears underneath it. This happens both in pre and post publishing - and in both browsers. I can avoid it by not having any image questions next to each other - but then I must have an image question as my first question.

It seems like the bug in test object. It will be fixed in next build, scheduled to the end of September.
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