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Dokeos LMS Tracking-Reporting
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We are using Moodle and Dokeos LMS. Dokeos have support for Detailed reports in SCORM. E.g. tracking quizzes regarding Question ID, Question type, student answers, score, passed/failed.
This works fine when using Articulate, but I cannot get these detiled reports with CourseLab. I think Dokeos might use "student interactions" for tracking.
Is there any workaround in CourseLab for getting this "on the track"?
Hi Goran!
In fact, CourseLab 2.3 runtime stores question data in SCORM cmi.interactions array (all data you've mentioned can be stored here). Would you like to grant us guest access to some short CourseLab-made course with questions in Dokeos to test it with debugger? If it is possible, please send us the message to support@courselab.com.
Thanks for your quick reply!
I will set up a new fresh Dokeos 1.8.3 site and implement the Showcase example of your quizz example. I have tested this HT007 SCO (2004) in Moodle and it seems to work as expected.
Please let me come back to you when the site is "up-and-running" with a guest account.
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