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Another question about tests
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Is there any way to make the tests show results as a %. In other words, I have 2 tests in a module, one at the begining and one at the end. I have placed a Current results on my last slide. I have the two tests calculating together on the results slide. I have 7 questions in total. I would like the result to calculate % complete correctly. So if the user answers all 7 questions correctly it would display at 100%. Can somebody explain if this is possible.

Thanks in advance.
Hi, Mike!
Sure. You should set maximum score for the objective which is used to store test scores. For example, if you use objective "total" and each question from 7 may add 1 point to this objective, then maximum score is 7. Open Module - Run-time settings menu and proceed to Objectives tab. Open "total" objective and set max score to 7. Current results object shoud have "Normalize to 100%" checked.
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