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PPT Import Crashes Program
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I just purchased the powerpoint import tool and it crashes courselab every time I use it. I am using version 2.3 of both pieces of software. I tried repairing both using the installation files, but no luck!
Hi, Mark!

My apologies for inconvenience. The roots are in version conflict.

Since I see in the database no registration record of PowerPoint Import Pack that you've purchased, therefore I think there is a problem with previous CourseLab version - pack does not register itself. In fact, CourseLab 2.2 and CourseLab 2.3 use slightly different PowerPoint module interface, therefore using wrong editor/pack pair may lead to version conflict and eventually to crash.
Please deinstall CourseLab 2.2, CourseLab 2.3 and PowerPoint Import Pack completely using Add/Remove Programs. Note, that CourseLab 2.2 identifies itself in the program list as "WebSoft CourseLab 2.2" (while CourseLab 2.3 is just "CourseLab 2.3"). Perform clean install of CourseLab 2.3 and then install PowerPoint Import Pack. Both will ask registration - you can use old activation code, but fill the fields the same way - otherwise code will not match - or simply get new registration record. It's quite annoying, but quick process.
This should work.
Tried it and it didn't work, what next?
Mark, please let me know which version of PowerPoint is installed on your computer. And second thing - you are using slightly outdated build of CourseLab 2.3 (20070814), it has some problems with additional packs. Please update your copy of CourseLab to current build (20070821).
Thanks, I'll try it

I am using PowerPoint 2003
Outstanding! I updated to build 20070821 and it works as advertised. Thanks very much, the technical support from your company is the best![:D]
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