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save text fields
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if i build a course in a LMS (moodle) that has text fields where the user inputs

will the infornation get save automatically, or do i have to apply a save button.
If you mean saving text fields within CourseLab module - then this is not possible, user-defined run-time variables (where field values are stored) are not saved to LMS. Perhaps saving these variables will be implemented in future releases.
But usually it is LMS responsibility to provide personalization of learning session, not the course's. Course is the same for any learner. At least, that's usual way.
I need help and advice on how to save 'content' properly.

J J's approach does allow a document save and load, but does not allow many content to be saved and loaded.[:(]

I am trying to add questions onto the modules in order to actually save the information through a click or something.

Look forward to response.
Hi, Rojon,

If you need to save data to the file on HD, then there's virtually no way to do that (at least, there's no simple way), because of browser's security restrictions. Or do you mean something else?
what i mean is that the course will be created using courseLab, this will then run through Moodle.
I know moodle will track where the user left off, but i was wondering if it would save any text that the user inputs.
[:confused:]If i cant save the information what are the other alternatives.
Another option: could i insert a flash movie that has text fields where the user inputs data and save that info with "sharedobject".
So when the user revisits the course the data will be stored still.
Sorry for all the replies,

what about creating the course with CourseLab, and where i need the user to input data i could create a swf form with flash and use "SharedObjects" to store the users data.

So moodle would track where the user left off and the swf forms could recall the inputted data from a load button...using SharedObjects....
Hi, JJ!
In fact, we have no experience with Moodle shared objects. But if it can store the data somewhere in Moodle and has it's own embedded course/LMS communication mechanism, then there should be no problem in embedding such swf-file.
Hi Slav Shchinov,

The sharedobject is actionscript that will be embedded with the SWF, so as long as the swf can store the data on the users PC, moodle can track where the user has progressed within the course slides created with COURSELAB.[:D]
Not so handy... I use one of 4 PCs at home and about 10 different ones in different places at work, I think it wouldn't work too well for me.
Rojon there is a strand where a flash component was used to store and recall some text. Can't remember the title though, I'll find it later
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