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Remembering/returning to last position in quiz when browser is reopened?
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Hi all,
I do like the app alot, however is there a way to allow a student to return to a quiz after the last answered question, if the lesson is incomplete. I know it works fine with a single module but I can't seem to get it to work when there are multiple modules to the course. The only script I'm using is to set the score to replace and add 10. Hi had to add this when the goto prevented the scoring form working. Am I doing anything wrong and if so how can I fix?

Kind Regards

Hi Darrell!
If your course is launched from LMS that supports AICC or SCORM, then module should always return to last visited slide in the module and, if there is a test on this slide, jump to first unanswered question in the test (though limitations may apply from LMS side - it can depend on LMS standard conformity, LMS database fields and arrays size, i.e. space for storage).
But you cannot define the module sequencing rules in current CourseLab version. Full support for SCORM Sequencing and Navigation is planned in next version only. Though, I think that if you are familiar with SCORM Sequencing, you can edit imsmanifest.xml file in any suitable editor to define these rules.
Is the an alternative method to the automatic advance than and if so what the script for that. Would the publish setting to scorm1.2 as opose to scorm2004 make a difference?
No, SCORM 1.2 does not include any sequencing support at all, therefore it will not help.
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