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Scorm content with embedded flash files on a secure server
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Hi all, great app but how do you generate/run scorm content which has embedded flash content on an https secure server?

I have used the avatars in CourseLab and another flash file within my course, but keep getting a popup window stating I'm about to access a nonsecure content item in the internet explorer version 7 browser.

How can I make it accept the flash content. I believe I need to change something. The script when saving must be outputing http link/s instead of https. Can anyone supply how to script fix info, I'm a little confused.

Kind Regards

I advance.

Hi, Darrell!
If Flash content has HTTPS (secure) URL, and container has HTTP URL, then you always will get this warning from IE, because it is default IE security setting. There is no way to switch it off from content side (because it is security).
The only way too switch it off is to change security settings of the browser. Open Internet options menu - Security tab. Select the zone in which your content server is located and change Display mixed content options from Prompt (default setting) to Allow. Though it would be better to add it's URL to Trusted sites, where this option is allowed by default.
Another solution - place all content on secure server (if there is possibility). Though it is quite ambigous. Anyway, this browser setting cannot be changed from content.
Hi Slav
Thanks for the response. At present the entire is hosted on an https: secure server. I understand that there is a way to allow flash under these conditions, allowing certain specified domains access , and thus avoiding the popup window appearing. I know I will need to update the pre/post-configured xml generated for the course. I've had a look but I'm uncertain which elements I need to change and where the files are located. Any advice much appreciated.[:p]

if youre looking just for the flash part, the answers are here: http://kb.adobe.com/selfservice/viewContent.do?externalId=tn_16520&sliceId=2
IE will keep showing warnings about mixed secure and nonsecure items though.
Thanks to all, I going to have a look at Juergen's link. If I find a solution I post it on the forum. I'm sure alot of user would like to use the course and flash on a secure server.
In fact, there are no absolute URLs in module's XML file (except for external content, such as Flash, Video, IFRAME or External URL, if you use it with external URL option). All other URLs are relative to module's start.html file, therefore they will be open using the same protocol, that is used for start.html.
If you want to change these URLs to absolute - of course you can run find/replace in runtime.xml, but it is at your own risk...
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