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https and flash secure file urls
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Hi all,
Have a very urgent question, I'm have written some course lessons which have flash elements embedded. I and running these courses on the moodle lms via a https server. Things work fine with the scorm generated lesson except, when it comes to the slide containing any flash file. A popup window appears stating the page contains both secure and nonsecure items.

I've had a look at the immanifest.xml file and I know I probably have to amend the .xml to allow-access-from domain, have you an example or show me how to get the slides to appear without the popup window. The mainly happens in IE.

Please can you help.

Thanks in advance.[:(]
The answer is in <a href="http://www.courselab.com/db/cle/D185C909D6B38B18C325734C00351B8F/main_id/DEB1AE8A7B1B3576C3256FCF0055974C/extended/1/forum.html">this thread</a>.
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