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SCORM - TinyLMS error
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I am trying to set up a course using TinyLMS, so I can put a demo up on my website.

Published as SCORM 1.2 using version 2.3.

On launch, with every slide transition, I get this error popping up:


"cmi.core.score.min" "0" not implemented

in the debugger that comes from TinyLMS it give the following information:

api.LMSSetValue(cmi.core.score.min,0):false reason:not implemented

can you help with this.

I have also tried it in moodle. There I am getting a slightly different error, but at the same point this one is:

"cmi.core.lesson_status" "na" incorrect data type.

thanks very much

Hi, Richard!
First problem: CourseLab run-time expected, that this parameter is supported by LMS. It's not quite correct, because cmi.core.score.min is not mandatory. The issue will be fixed in next CourseLab build (will be released in next few days, please check the download page).

The second one is quite strange. There's no "na" values for status in CourseLab. CourseLab uses full "not attempted" or one character "n", but not "na". It was CourseLab error message (Usually has standard format - function: parameter value description)?
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