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Sudden error appearing
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Hi, I'm working on a course and all of a sudden selected slides - some I haven't changed in ages, suddenly start showing up a message box with an error in it as soon as I navigate to them.

THe message says: CallMethod: 002_textbox Contructor Object Required

What does it mean? I have removed all actions from one slide and all its objects, but the message still comes up.
Help please!
Solved! Its an upgrade problem. I've just gone from 2.2 to 2.3. The message was being caused by my existing Relief Text Boxes. By recreating them from scratch and deleting the originals, the warning message goes away.

Richard, there is special option in Module menu - Update objects. It may be useful for such cases (if some updates occur in program and error message appears). Unfortunately, unlike the run-time files, objects are not updated automatically [:(]
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