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[:confused:]Is there a way to have test or quiz results to be integrated with an LMS or a seperate database or even reported to the instructor through email or something?

If you mean simple scores, they are available for any LMS, that supports AICC, SCORM 1.2 or SCORM 2004 standards. If you mean detailed reports: starting from CourseLab version 2.3 all tests and questions data are stored in SCORM 2004 cmi.interactions array, and sent to LMS (LMS must support SCORM 2004 AND cmi.interactions must be implemented too). If the LMS is able to build reports on interactions data, then you can see correct and learner's answers, timings, weighting and objectives to which score is stored for each question.
Are the tests and questions data stored in a similar array or local file if the course is published in a CD format? How can I access the data?
No. Unfortunately, there's no possibility to save data to local file from browser due to security restrictions.
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