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I am using the Contents Tab to provide easy access to pages in my course. Is it possible to choose what pages are made available in the Contents Tab?

If this is not a current feature, can I edit the published content (javascript/html) is some way to customize my Contents Tab?

As always, thanks for the help.

- Jon
Hi, Jon!

Well, you cannot do that for slides in current version, but you can do multi-frame slides. In this case some slides just become frames, therefore they will be not listed by Contents tab. That's first thought.

Editing of published content is quite complex task in this case: you will need to set additional attributes to slides and then to rewrite slides selection in hidden object methods. I think it is not the best way...
Slav, thanks again for the helpful reply. The multi-frame approach will work well for this project.

for a future release, please consider a "Hide Slide from TOC" button.

Thank you!

- Jon

Hide Slide would be a good option!
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