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Sharepoint SLK - Teacher not seeing Answer
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In sharepoint SLK 1.2, when a student submits an assignment the teacher is unable to view the answer during grading. Am I doing something wrong?
Hi, Talwyn!

I'm not sure, but AFAIR SLK does not display question and tests answers, when using any SCORM activity. AFAIR it does not support cmi.interactions. Therefore you can see only the final scores...

Please correct me if I'm wrong.
It might be worth updating to the new version 3.0A SLK, though I don't think that this actually has any answers for your query.
If the answer for example a free text response than you could probably pass it as a declared course variable (??)
Hi All,

So does the course lab support auto marking via Microsoft SLK? Also what is AFAIR SLK?

many thanks

Hi, Ben!
SLK is SharePoint Learning Kit - it is extension to Microsoft SharePoint server.
CourseLab does not support Microsoft's specific features (BTW, what is auto marking?) - it generates standard-compliant SCORM-packages, that can be played with SLK. But it seems that SLK has quite limited support of SCORM standard.
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