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I created a test using the test object.
I want the test to score and display the results. So to the slide after the test I've added the current results object. How do I get the test to dispay the results?
Please help.

Thanks in advance.
In this case all that you should do - make sure that Test object (i.e. all questions inside the test) store score in the objective, that Current results object displays. That's all.
Thanks for the reply, can you please be more specific as to how to check/set the test object to store the score in the objective.
Sorry, I'm kind of new to this.
Hi, Mike!

Every single question in the Test object can store its score in different set of objectives: this is quite convenient, because it gives you the ability to build very sophisticated assessments. But lets examine the simplest case.

First, there must be one objective in the module marked as "module objective". This is the main objective of the module. Usually it is called "total". To make sure that it exists, open the Module - Run-time settings menu and proceed to Objectives tab. If there is no objectives in the list - add new objective, name it "total", mark "Module objective" checkbox and set maximal score (it should be equal to maximal raw score, that can be collected in the module). If there is "total" objective
- make sure that "Module objective" checkbox is checked.

Second, all the questions in the test must store its score in this "total" objective. To make sure:
1. Open the Test object
2. Open every question and proceed to Scoring tab. Make sure that "total" objective is in the list of objectives of each question.

Third, place Current results object on the next slide to Test. By default, it is already set to display score from "total" objective, therefore there should be no problem.

Also please look in the CourseLab Help (Scoring section).
Spacibo Slav,

Great help, appriciate it!
Worked perfectly![;)]
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