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In the Question object, it is possible to translate the sentence "Select all correct variants" but not "Question is not scored"
I put this question because I am French.
Why ?
Thank you
Salut Pascal!
We already have complaints on this issue (from Brazil, Portugal, Germany, Italy and so on, and from France too) and it is in our improvements list. Unfortunately, it is quite big task to redesign all these objects. But finally we did it.
Please check the new version 2.3 that will be released next week. In new version all messages/warnings/buttons etc. are editable or replaceable.
way to go! i'll look forward to this too :)[:p][:rolleyes:]
Hello Slav,
Thank you for your answer. I have to learn to read messages. Bravo for CourseLab, one of the best software author of the market. Continue
Deeply continue the version 2.3.
Thank you
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