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Import to Moodle: special charachters
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Hi Slav,

we imported a course (of 5 modules) in Moodle as Scorm 2004.
We have an issue regarding the charachter " ' ".
In the module's list displayed in Moodle this charachter appears as " \'": I don't know if is an issue regarding CourseLab or Moodle ...

L'analisi (original text)
L\'analisi (displayed in Moodle as module title)

Do you have any idea on how to fix it ?

Many thanks
Have a nice day
Hi Andrea,
it seems like the Moodle feature. Backslash is often used to "protect" string delimiter symbols (such as ') in programming languages. AFAIK, we do not use backslashes in imsmanifest.xml file (that's where course structure is defined). To make sure:
- open SCORM package zip
- open imsmanifest.xml file with any plain text or HTML editor (Notepad, for example)
- find "analisi" word (it can be found somewhere in "title" tags) and look if there are backslashes.
If there is no backslashes, then Moodle has added them while importing.

yes, you're absolutely right.
The imsmanifest title is generated without backslash.

It's an issue of Moodle. I looked in Moodle forum, but I didn't found a fix..

Many thanks !
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