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Calculating test scores
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I have just downloaded this wonderful software and have finished designing my course in it. My intention is to have a short test at the end of each module, and when the user completes the last question, they will see their score.

This is where I get stuck - HELP[:confused:]

The other thing is, after they have seen their score, do I simply create a link to the next module?

Thanks in advance
All objects of the slide are created simultaneously when the learner <b>enters</b> the slide. Therefore Current results object reflects scores at the moment of entering. Therefore if you want to display learner's results you should place Current results object on the next slide (next to test). It also can contain some conclusion as well.
Your second question was already discussed <a href="http://www.courselab.com/db/cle/5A8B86AA977FCE09C3257312000F9415/main_id/DEB1AE8A7B1B3576C3256FCF0055974C/extended/1/forum.html">here</a>.
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