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Issues with Mozilla FireFox
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I'm using Course Lab with Moodle and it works fine with IE, but it doesn't work properly with Mozilla. I have the following issues:
- The buttons for Next & Previous slides dissappear, although you can click on them if you pass the coursor over it. However, you cannnot see them. When I press on Previous or Next, it gives me back this error "NextSlide: Undefined".

- If i use the dropdown menu for the index, it doesn't work properly. When I try to go to any slide, it gives me back the following error: "CallMethod: nav_001_selector JumpToSlide Undefined".

Both thing work perfectly with IE. Any help would be much appreciated.

Antonio Lуpez
1. Does it happen when you enter the module not the first time? I.e. on first entry it works OK, but when you close module and load it again, then you get these messages.
2. Which build of CourseLab you use and what is the version of FireFox? (Can be found on Help - About screen - number in brackets after version).

If the answer on first question is "yes", then it looks like bug that is already fixed. The problem was in differences in XML Parser in IE and Gecko-based browsers. If not - would you send us the small example to investigate the problem (to support@courselab.com). If the content is not confidential, of course.
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