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Chronopay Trouble
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I'm trying to buy Ppt Import Pack, but I'm having trouble with Chronopay service.

I usually use credit card for online transactions with no problem. But in this case I receive message of "Authentication error".

The only difference I can see here is that Chronopay asks also for Address and for Issuer Bank name ...

I tried using 3 differents credits cards, both on Firefox and Explorer.

I really need to quickly try the ppt import pack for urgent business needs.

Any suggestion on how to buy it ?

Many thanks
Have a nice day
Dear Andrea!
Please check your e-mail inbox (mentioned here). ChronoPay support is already investigating the issue and I will send you information ASAP via e-mail. Hope the issue will be resolved quickly.
Dear Slav,

many thanks for your support, we contacted our bank and credit card customer service, and we resolved the issue.

It worked with MasterCard. It seems that was a problem regarding the field "Issuer Bank name".

I installed ppt import: is fast and it works fine.

Thank you again for your effective support.

Have a nice day
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