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create a simple quiz prob
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I'm trying to do a simple scored quiz, with the current results being displayed.

So I've dragged the 'test' object onto a slide and the 'current results' object. I've made the objective an arbitrary name throughout 'scqTotal' and in the module runtime setting.

The thing is, when I view module the current results do not update?

any help would be greatly appreciated.
The Current results object cannot be updated dynamically (at least, in current version - will be updated in the next version), so it displays the score at the moment when this object was created (i.e. at the moment when you enter the slide - all slide objects are created in memory at this moment, no matter are they displayed immediately, or with some delay). Therefore, Current results object cannot be useful on the same slide with Test object. Just put it on the next slide and it will display test results.

Constructing the quiz be aware that:
- the objectives status rules are also applied not immediately after score changes, rules are applied automatically when Slide transition occurs.
- only one objective is treated as Module objective (scores and status of this objective are treated by LMS as module's score and status).
- the number of question in quiz could be limited depending on SCORM version, LMS database fields length (and how strict your LMS follows SCORM standard); in the worst case 25-30 multi-choice questions may overflow the field length with saved data (worst case: strict SCORM 1.2 and questions with a lot of variants to choose).
quiz ok. current score ok.[;)]
questin is how to show peculiar feedback msg if for example the score is <5; is =>5. try with variable and if else combination but works only one time. thank you for excellent program[:p]
This can be made quite easy using objectives. Just set the rules (in Module runtime settings), that will change objective success status (for example, to "passed" if the score is &gt;= 5, and to "failed" if &lt;5). Then you can use IF_SUCCESS action on this objective (with optional ELSE branch) to display different feedbacks or something else. If you don't want to touch main module objective then you can create special additional objective to control this issue (but make sure that all questions save the score in this objective too).
thank you.
we will try this solution.
I'm a flash developer and would like to communicate events in flash to courseLab.

For example if I had a flash video (flv) and would like the user to watch the video in its' entirety, would it possible to communicate this event from flash to courseLab? So that the user could not progress until he/she the event had be triggered.
In current CourseLab version it is not possible to use Flash Player events. The only way by now is to use TIMER action with movie duration as parameter.
thanks for the help slav.
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