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Is it possible when you have a number of courses to have a menu of these courses and the learner can choose a course off the menu?[[:)]This leads directly to the course and once the course is completed the learner goes directly back to the course menu and can choose another course. mary
In general, e-learning courses are used within Learning Management System (LMS), therefore it is the LMS task to provide a navigation between modules and courses. If you are not using LMS, you can publish your course for CD - autorun.html file will contain links to all modules of the course. You can combine these links in any appropriate way using any HTML-editor. This is not similar to LMS, but will work.
Hi Slav,

just to say that the autorun.html file created by CD publishing seems not working properly with Firefox (
1) I can see words (with color-font), but no links on them to click.
2) The background is completely white, without color-effect as in explorer.

Many thanks
Have a nice day
'ello courselab senei,
similarly in opera 8.5. the links to open the modules work though but it's just the module window and nothing else. oh well, not that i use opera often, i just have it, so i thought might as well try it there too :) anyway, i get the same result like andrea's in firefox even in safe mode [:(]
Hi, Andrea! Thank you for report! Hope we will fix it in new release.
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