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Export test results
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How can I export the test results, so I can work with them like in a sql Database?
In fact, this is what LMS (Learning Management System) is used for. The database (MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL or whatever) is usually the part of LMS and all learning courses store all necessary data here. The e-learning standards (such as AICC and SCORM) are aimed to provide common "language" between LMS and learning modules (database independent).
There is no direct export course data (and test results also) to any database. But you can do it using any LMS that is backed by database.
Hi, thanx for your answer. Is there any LMS Freeware that you can name? I searched for that in the internet, but I couldn't really find anything.
The most widely known open source LMS is <a href="http://www.moodle.org">Moodle</a>, but one of our clients said that <a href="http://www.ilias.de">Ilias</a> LMS is far more popular than Moodle in Germany and other German-speaking countries (perhaps because it is made in Germany [:)]). Now we are testing CourseLab-generated content with Ilias - in general it works OK (though some fixes will be implemented in future CourseLab releases). You may also look at Italian-born <a href="http://www.docebo.org">Docebo</a> LMS.
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