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printing results from courselab
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How do you print resullts page from courselab using a button ?

Can you e-mail a results page from courselab ?

Due to my institutions IT department stance we are just dumping files onto Sharepoint with no tracking, so generating a mail on completion is something I'm looking into.
Are you deploying content to a user base with profiled PC's, that is a fairly fixed install and version of windows etc.
I can think of a few ways to achieve this, if I get an elegant workable result I'll post it on this forum.
One rather crude method is to achieve this client side, which is very basic html coding. A word of caution if this is used on an public and open access web site, spam bots will find the mail address used.

Open a text box on the page, go to edit and then view in html.
Add this:
<A href="mailto:the.address@domain.com?subject=the test name&amp;body=The test name completed">Post your completion</A>

It adds an underlined link called 'Post your completion' which will open the default mail client, usually but not always depending on OS, mail client etc.
Mail is addressed to 'the.address@domain com'

The subject line will read 'test name'

The body 'The test name completed'.

This is not elegant or particularly smart. Better is to use a server side service like sendmail but this requires much more info.
Next thought will probably be javascript based, obfuscate the address and pull results to add to the content.
Great fix, Nick. Can you suggest the best place to put this slide in a presentation? I have a course that asks questions throughout and a course with a test at the end. How do I ensure that the email includes all answers to every question throughout the course?

I forgot the message strand was html based so the code fragment was not visible.

"&lt;a href="mailto:the.address@domain.com?subject=test name&body=The test name completed"&gt;Post your completion&lt;/a&gt;"
Unfortunately, there's no possibility to e-mail results from CourseLab-generated content (at least in current version). This is mainly because the primary use of CourseLab-generated content is within LMS (where all results are transferred using one of e-learning standard: AICC or SCORM). And LMS can generate various reports on these results (including printable reports).
But you can print current slide from running module:
- insert Button object on the slide
- in Actions context menu of this button select onclick event amd insert JAVASCRIPT action
- edit JAVASCRIPT action: insert only one string:


That's all - this action will call browser's print dialog where you can select printer, change print settings and print.

How can I save content written by the students so that the teacher can view the results?

Not implemented through the VLE yet, but just other ways.
None that are automatic unless you rwrite large chunks of the API. It's not really viable and as Slav points out the best way to do this is within the structure that the modules are designed to be used in.
Thanks Nick. I think that courselab does not have that function available yet.

How can I save content written by the students so that the teacher can view the results?

Not implemented through the VLE yet, but just other ways.
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