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Hi, anyway to put have full screen??
Hi Bernard,
What is 'full screen' ... to some it is 800 x 600, to others 1024 x 768, my old lap top is 800 x 600 and this PC is 1920 x 1440 my full screen at work is 1280 x 1024 or slightly bigger when using using dual headed work station with either 2mp,3mp or 5mp. [:D]
So obviously 'full screen' is a bit of a wide and vague specification!!
You should either declare a specific size and develop to that or preferably use a size that is viewable by most typical users.
The available defaults in CourseLab do that quite nicely and allow the content to work equally well within a content containing site of as a discrete new browser window.
Well i guess that he means how he can get the Frame around it gone anf the headbar. I would like to know that too!!!.
That's a different question Karl! If you want to maximise the area available all of the elements used as the template can be moved or removed.
I would guess that if you dig into the finished projects files post production you should find the code somewhere to switch off the border on the display port. Using either of these would probably mean more work to add nav elements by hand rather than using those defined in a template.
When I have the time I'll have a look and see
But please be aware of browser's security restrictions:
1. Document (i.e. learning module) cannot change state of controls (menu bar, status bar etc.) of its own browser's window - no way at all.
2. If the document window is opened by JavaScript command from another "parent" window (i.e. window opener), then it can be opened with some controls switched off (full control is available only if your document is loaded from Trusted Site).
Well I guess you are right but see. If i use Flash or anything like that or if i work with Visual Studio 2005 i can set a switch what allows me to let a browser IE Window open without a frame or the blue top line on the browser. Thats all i would like to see. The Navigation is untouched in this case all i need is an exit button in my Template what is no problem at all. I am not talking about resizing to full screen. That is in most cases unwanted anyway.
No. CourseLab-generated modules designed to play in fixed size window.
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