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scrolling text boxes
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Hi CourseLab Gurus,
*It would be nice to have text boxes that can optionally scroll. Very useful if the content is larger than the available space on a selected display.

*Some image display options (see eXe's image zoom and picture gallery idevices). Most images I will use are medical sourced and vary from 512x512 px CT/MR scans up to x-rays 3000x2000+ px. Making a clean link from thumbnails to a full size or much larger image is going to be tricky given the fixed display size over the slides in a module. It would be good if they were contained in the C/LMS zip export so maintain tracking without hand editing the manifests.

As it looks like tinymce or similar is the inbuilt editor Willis request to filter word cut and past shouldn't be too hard to implement. Personally I would suggest using Open Office or at least a fairly current version of office 2003+ as the XML output is much cleaner. Cut and paste from M$ Word to most anything has always been a hit or miss affair at best, too much additional and pointless inbuilt code.

Very nice software[:)] I have only just started to experiment with it but I am very impressed. I will be using this to generate some content but I will leave my other contributers using eXe as it is simpler for them.
Once I have moved from exploring to production I might send in an example as it will only be available on a Intranet site, no external access.

Nick James
Hi, Nick! There are the answers:
1. Scrolling text boxes are already in CourseLab improvements list and will be available in next releases. Meanwhile, you may use walkaround: place in any text object in Edit HTML mode this code: <div style="width: 100%; height: 300px; overflow-y: scroll">Place your text here</div> - then you will see the box with vertical scrolling. Unfortunately, you should specify the height explicitly in pixels (such box is not auto-resizable).
2. Thumbnail/Original image container is really good idea. Thank you for suggestion. I include it in improvements list.
3. Yes, built-in text editor still needs improvement... Also please look at my answer to <a href="http://www.courselab.com/db/cle/18B85256A691E09FC32572C600280F4C/main_id/DEB1AE8A7B1B3576C3256FCF0055974C/extended/1/forum.html">Willi's message</a> regarding MS Word junk clean up.

Thank you!
'ello courselabbers :)
this workaround works well for me too. but i may have looked into it yet but is there a search function where you can search within a module?
JR The problems got to be that the pages are generated on the fly into an html container rather than existing as discrete html pages. If they were just simple pages you could use something like tipue.
It's not the finding the word or phrase, searching the XML is peasy it's making courselab open the page containing the search item.
Oh and of course if you had strict navigation on you probably wouldn't be able to jump to the page!
Definitely one for Courselab developers!
There is a Find option in Edit menu. But it works only on object identifiers.
I was wondering about that too JR. It might be possible to use the XML file that holds all of the module page information as a basis for the search. It would just be parsing the information, AJAX would fit the bill nicely, and then doing something with it like going to that point in the page series. Possibly not a good idea as it could have some quite odd effects on SCORM 2004s sequencing rules.
If I get the time I might play with this as an idea.
The scrolling text box work around is fine, explicitly setting the div height isn't a problem.
So far CourseLab has handled everything I've thrown at it without complaint and luckily has the ability to generate SCORM , AICC and HTML which suits the very mixed target systems I'm dealing with. It's making it look like I am putting more work into the content than I really have [:cool:]
My next hurdle will be a snippet of script to call back and insert some declared variables into a text field so a personalised certificate can be generated once the completion criteria are satisfied. I could manage this externally in an LMS/CMS environment but as some applications require HTML it will be cleaner to make an all in one solution.

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