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My wishlist for CourseLab
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I'am digging deeper in CourseLab, which is really a great authoringsystem, and want to tell you my "wishlist" for further features:

1. A "copy from MS Word" function in the WYSIWYG editor, which pastes only the pure text without any formattings, when copying from Word
2. A layoutgrid with snap-function
3. A translation-workflow for the content e.g. exporting all textcontent to a Excel or CSV-file. A translator could do his translations in the second column and than import it back to Courselab, where Courselab replaces the original contents with the content of the CSV file. This would be a easy way for generating multi-language WBTs.

And at last a little bug-report: When working on a dualdisplay system, and Courselab is running on the secondary display, the dropdown menues appearing on the right side of the primary display.

Hi, Willi!
1. In fact, there is a "Clean Up HTML" button on the editor's toolbar (second button from right in second row, with eraser icon). It removes most of MS Word "junk" (but leaves basic text formatting untouched). Use this button after pasting from MS Office applications. But you are right: text editor still needs some improvements.
2. Yes, this feature is already in CourseLab improvements list (along with guidelines).
3. Yes, this might be a good feature. But it seems that there could be problems with different translated text length, different language formatting rules etc. We need to think [:)]
BUG: Wow! Funny [:)] Actually, we did not test CourseLab on dual display system. Thank you for your feedback - we will fix it.

Thank you!
Hi Willi,
Try cut and paste from Open Office, works very cleanly. OO Also is very compatible both in and out with word documents, actually better than M$ word doing this between old and new versions.
See also my post... TinyMce I think has the ability to clean up m$ Word text, it just needs to be turned on. See the implementation of TinyMce in eXe (http://www.exelearning.org/AuthoringScreenshots)
Pic 2 shows the word import filter enabled.
Otherwise I agree with you, very good software.
Nick James
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