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Timeline issue
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Sorry, but I got a further question: The objects of my frame doesn't show up in the timeline - the timeline is always empty ...

In fact, timeline is not empty [:)] The catch is here: if there are no "timed" objects on the Frame, i.e. all objects on the Frame appear in the same time (right from the beginning of the Frame) and have no user-defined delays, then the Frame's timeline length is equal to zero (because all objects are not time-dependent in any way). Or in other words, Frame duration is 0 seconds. To see the timeline you need to change the Frame duration.

There are three things you can do to change Frame duration:
- You can drag right timeline borderline (which is on zero mark in your case) with mouse to change Frame duration manually - then you will see all Frame's objects on timeline;
- You can change any of timing parameters of any object on the Frame (i.e. Format Object context menu - Display tab - Display group of parameters) - then Frame duration will be adjusted automatically;
- You can change Frame duration in Frame's context menu (Advance option).

When the Frame duration is not 0, you will see all the objects on the timeline and will be able to change objects timings by mouse (by draggging the object bar and/or it's left and right borders). Moreover, you can insert actionboxes (i.e. actions, that are not associated with any object) right into the Frame timeline (menu Insert - Timeline actions).
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