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Changing tab text
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Hi There!

May you give me a hint, where I can change the text on the tabs on the left side for translation or where the tab-graphics are stored?

Thank you
In fact, you don't need to change standard tab pictures. All "Tab" objects can use your tab pictures instead of standard. To change the pictures:
- prepare 4 tab pictures in your favorite graphic editor: for normal state, for onmouseover state, for onclick state and for disabled state (standard tab pictures are 25x90px, if you want to use bigger or smaller tabs, please note, that you should change Tab vertical offset in this case to fit your tabs structure);
- open object's Properties context menu (hint: note, that tabs are placed one on top of the other, therefore you can edit only "top" tab with double-click - use "Hide" context menu option to hide current top tab and get access to the tab below);
- remove checkmark "Use default tab set", fields for custom pictures become available;
- select your pictures for all 4 states
- if desired - change tab window size and border and vertical offset.

If you plan to use this template again - use menu Tools - Add Module to Templates. Next time you start new module, this template will be available in My Templates folder.
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