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Non-English languages support
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Creating courses:
CourseLab is the Unicode environment. Therefore virtually any language can be used for creating e-learning content with CourseLab. Of course, corresponding Unicode fonts must exist and be supported by operating system (in fact, most of world languages are supported).

User interface:
As for today (31.Mar.2007) there is only English version of user interface and templates/objects. In fact, it has no impact on creating courses - you can use any language anyway. Besides, we are planning to release Language Packs for different languages which will include interface/objects/templates/wizards/help files.

Course templates advice:
While there are no language packs released, you can make some changes in templates to get translated ones.
1. Create new module,
2. Edit Master-Slide and/or Title-Slide,
3. and save changed module template in My Templates.
What should be edited: In fact, some navigation objects contain pictured text (for example, buttons), but all objects are customizable - you can make corresponding pictures (with text translated to your language) in your graphic editor and replace standard pictures.
Besides, you can create your own template the same way.
To begin with, thank you for the "almost" perfect product. I believe that CourseLab will be perfect when it features languages other than English as its interface. I am a professional translator and a university teacher; as a devoted user - and promoter - of your software, I am ready to translate interface files into Turkish - free of charge, of course.

Best regards.

Pls tell me how to change the FONT to a Non-English in a Test object's display tab. currently it has Arial,Tahoma,Times,Verdana and Curier only.

- sudheera
Hi, Sudheera!
There are only common Unicode fonts in these dialogs (we have to limit that, because the font list cannot be read from system at this dialog level). So the answer is - there's no such possibility in current CourseLab version.
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