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Screen Capture Pack issues
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If you have any questions regarding CourseLab Screen Capture Pack - please post it here in this thread.
Do you have any material of Screen Capture, some function and examples.
I want to read it before I buy it.[:p]
Hi, ChoongGoo Yi,

Some examples of using capturing are on <a href="http://www.courselab.com/db/cle/root_id/examples/doc.html">Showcase</a> and <a href="http://www.courselab.com/db/cle/CFF287B19457BCFFC325724E006165A2/doc.html">How-To's</a> pages - you can download source files and examine them in your CourseLab application. CourseLab manual is also a little bit more comprehensive than Help on using Screen Capturing. If you have any additional questions please ask us (support@courselab.com)
I have downloaded and installed the screen capture pack but when I select Screen Capture from the Tools menu in CourseLab, it opens the web page describing the screen capture pack, not the screen capture wizard. What am I doing wrong?
Hi, msblane,

Perhaps there is version conflict - please update CourseLab application and Screen Capture Pack (using your personal download link) to make sure that application/pack versions correspond.
I have the following questions about Screen Capture:

1. Can a simulation be interactive? For example, instead of the user only watching, can they perform the steps in a guided fashion?

2. Can you use Screen Capture independently of CourseLab? For example, can we insert a screen capture into a coures created by another SCORM developer tool?

Thank you for your help.
If you want to make interactive simulations (and standalone movies) CAMISTA or SNAGGIT are both very good but expensive.
If you use Courselabs screen capture utility then you do need to tie it to actions in a timeline to make interactions but you can do the same things for a lot less money.
It depends really on how much work you are prepared to put into a project BUT you will be learning lots about Courselab that will be useful for other projects in ways you probably won't realise until you need them!!
1. Yes, but surely it takes more efforts to make it interactive. It is easy to record simple simulation, but after that you should set up interaction schemes, insert explanations etc. - and this is not automatic.
2. No, Screen Capture Pack is not a standalone application. And it cannot generate standalone movie.
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